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Don’t Take My Word For It

What Clients Think

Becca did a really great job on the layout and design for my record. They were friendly, flexible, tasteful, and available when I needed last-minute edits and specific files. Thanks for making my record beautiful, Becca!

Anna Horvath

I always trust that whatever creative choice Becca makes will be the best and most thoughtful one, this is why I turn to them time and time again for nearly all of my design and graphic needs. Becca is always professional and delivers on time and is an absolute joy to work with. I would recommend Becca's expertise to anyone looking for graphic design, art direction or web design. Becca makes sometimes stressful moments so much fun because they love the work they do and they always deliver their very best.

Sam Bielanksi

Becca Howes has been one of the best graphic designers I have ever worked with. Their never ending creativity, drive, and strong work ethic is so refreshing! Becca has the ability to pull off quick turnarounds, while still leaving more than enough space for notes / changes from myself or our clients. I love their ability to create whatever we are dreaming up, even if we only give a short description of what we're looking for. I am grateful to have them on my team, and you would be lucky to work with them! If you are looking for amazing work, good communication, and overflowing kindness then look no further.

Jer Berkin 
Owner/Co-founder @ Lost + Found Agency

Becca makes beautiful things. They are responsive, creative in solving problems, and patient. Highly recommended for both illustration and graphic design work!

Dinah Thorpe

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